Ministerial Student Scholarships

CBF Florida has scholarship money available to students who plan to use their education to enhance a ministry within the Baptist community of faith.


  • Shall be participating member of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Florida. May be male or female.
  • Should be able to demonstrate a genuine financial need and may only apply for one scholarship grant per year.
  • Must submit a letter of request to the Scholarship Team explaining how their ministry will be enhanced through participation in the educational experience.
  • Must provide phone number and address of three non-relative references.
  • Priority assistance will be considered for students in masters or doctoral programs in accredited institutions.
  • Scholarship applicants must submit letters of request postmarked no later than May 1st.


Scholarships may assist recipients to participate in any official educational endeavor that can be shown to enhance their ministry. These endeavors may be overtly religious or secular, and are not restricted to any denominational affiliation, so long as the recipient will use the education to enhance a ministry within the Cooperative Baptist community of faith. The Scholarship Team will not discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age or national origin, so long as the recipient meets the above stated requirements and qualifications.

The Scholarship Team will be required to evaluate each request individually, and reserves the right to evaluate the qualifications of the recipient and the educational institution he/she wishes to attend. Funds will be disbursed based on the amount budgeted and the number of qualified applicants. The committee is not obligated to disburse its entire budget.

The refusal of any request may be appealed to the Representative Assembly at it next scheduled meeting. The appeal must be submitted in writing at least one month before that meeting and available for review by the Representative Assembly at least one week prior to coming together for their meeting. The appeal will be honored or rejected in accord with regular voting procedures of the Representative Assembly.

Rev. 3/06

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